Interior Design: Chandeliers

Interior Design: Chandeliers

There are so many different types of Chandeliers.  Are you  looking to place one in your kitchen, dinning room, living room, or bedroom?  Let’s walk through a a few Chandelier designs and learn a few decor’ tips to help you complete the look in your space.

Country French


I love this particular chandelier! The black iron twists around, forming beautiful designs. The accent of crystals shine and sparkle as the lights in the piece are on. This piece has so many directions to go in.


Location: Kitchen

Suggestions for Decoration of Space: I would recommend paring the Country French, black, iron Chandelier with this particular Kitchen look. I love the black and white checker board tile trim in this space, great depth to the room. But the white walls add a great open space feel. Adding the country french, chandelier in this space would be the icing on the cake!



Wine Glass


This is such a unique and functional piece. This is a simple iron base, that is covered in wine glasses, varying in sizes, adding depth to the overall concept.


Location: Kitchen/Dinning Room.

Suggestions for Decoration of Space: I would recommend, placing one wine glass chandelier on each side of the wine bottle/net hanging.  The wine bottles hanging in a net pop out perfectly in this white kitchen. How perfect! So simple, but so unique and functional.



Lotus Flower


Such a great piece! Not what you typically think of when you think Chandelier! This soft and delicate piece, displays elegance, and beauty!


Location: Children’s bedroom

Suggestions for Decoration of Space: I would recommend placing three directly above the bed. This will add a little puff and fluff to the room. I love the grey and pink combination that this room holds. The Pink, flower chandelier will be the perfect, delicate and beautiful touch!




I love each of these beautiful chandeliers. Each holds it’s own unique style and design.  We have walked through a couple pieces and how to place them in the appropriate space. Maybe it’s a bit of a unique approach on design for you, taking one piece and fashioning the entire room around it. But you  may discover a design concept for your space that you may never of thought of, if you didn’t approach the decor’ in this fashion. Try it and see what’s in store for your new look!


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