Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Let’s get down to the basics of makeup!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Let’s get down to the basics of makeup!


Okay, so it’s likely that we all wear at least a little makeup, agreed? Or maybe you are trying to learn how to wear it for the first time! Either way, let’s get down to the basics of foundation and blush for your makeup.


Skin Care/Foundation

Skin Care

Let me first say, that if you want to glow and have a great makeup, #1 rule: take care of your skin care first! If you have flaky, or oily skin, but have the right color and application of foundation, it will never look good. Your makeup is as good as your skin care! Find a great skin care system that works for you. Follow three great rules: cleans, tone, moisturize! And deep cleanse or exfoliate everyday! You can then say goodbye to the flaky and oily skin and hello to a healthy and beautiful model glow!

face skin care

Professional Suggestions: visit, for great product knowledge, or visit your nearest location for great customer support! The location in Brookfield, WI, is wonderful! They have their own hair salon, pedi/manis, brow bar and offer free facials and skin analysis! Visit or call now,



Are you wearing the right shade? Do the test. Pick three colors that are in your correct color undertones, ex: for pink, yellow, green undertones. Take 3 q-tips, place each color separately on your check, next to each other. Bring a friend and evaluate. What color works best for you.

mnmn foundation

Are you wearing the right formula? So to know this you need to know your skin type. Meaning, are you oily, dry, combination or normal, or a combo of a few? This will be established when you find your appropriate skin care program. Once you realize which skin type you have you not only know how to treat it with great skin care, but now you know what type of make up to use. For example: let’s take a combination skin type girl. Her skin care program, would have a combo. wash, toner, and moisturizer. For foundation she would need a makeup that would help to balance her oil and water levels to wear they should be through out the day. From the Merle Norman line, I would recommend the AQUA BALANCE foundation. Again do the foundation test and see which color works for you. Know that if you visit any of the locations, they will give you a complementary skin care and make up analysis. Now that you found the right foundation formula and color, let’s move on the the application and the finishing powder.

Application: I recommend using a foundation brush. When you do this, you will not only save $$$, because you will not use as much, but you will have a more even/professional look.

Finishing Powder: It’s important to always finish your foundation with a great finishing powder. Even if you are using mineral makeup. Reason being, that your foundation will last longer through out the day and you will have a more polished look!




There are hundreds and hundreds of shades  and types of different blush. Cream to powder and from neon to barley there. The question is are you really a neon, when you should be a barley there kind of girl? Okay, so let’s avoid being the clown at the party, literally, and get down to it.

mnb                          ljklj

Go to a professional makeup store and ask what shades would be great options for you. Try them on, preferably with your foundation on. You may find that you have been wearing the wrong blush all along, or that you can try something new and different! Be surprised at the total change it makes in your skin! You will glow and shine like a rock star!


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