Weddings: Flower Girls Dresses

Weddings: Flower Girls Dresses

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a flower girl dress for your wedding. Traditionally speaking, the flower girl wears a dress that is fashioned after your dress, and a junior bridesmaid will wear a dress that is fashioned after your bridesmaids. However, you will find in many hip and trendy weddings, that the traditional rules can be broken or adjusted a bit. Let’s take  a glance at a couple unique options for your flower girls (s)!

Solids and Stripes

flower girls dresses

These solid and stripe dresses bring a fresh approach to today’s flower girl look. Imagine your girl (s) wearing one of these looks in your wedding.

Red Flower

baby dress

This adorable baby girl dress is elegant, yet has an added dramatic approach through the red flower. The fresh movement of delicate design of the dress, makes it perfect for a wedding event.

Drama Tutu

diff girls dress

Who doesn’t love a good tutu? This particular one is a beautiful color combination, perfect for a champagne and blue themed wedding! It is all about the drama in the center! You can see a beautiful, over stated blue bow, and just underneath that, you will find a few flowers to complete the drama. If you want a little drama for your girls (s) this is for your wedding!


Again, when you choose your girl (s) dress(s), be true to your wedding style, theme, and color palette! All of the above styles are unique and fun approaches that can be easily integrated into many wedding concepts!


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