Interior Design: Beeswax Candles

Interior Design:  Beeswax Candles

beeswax      pokeadot candle bwax                                                 

Beeswax Candles

Black and White Zebra Candle

bw candle zebra      

Directions found at,



  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors/craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Pliers


  1. “Measure the short end of the white beeswax sheet and mark at the middle, dividing the 8” in half, repeat on the opposite end. Using the craft knife and ruler on the cutting mat, cut the beeswax sheet into two long strips, measuring 4” x 16” each. Repeat with the other sheet of white beeswax.”
  2. “Taking one of the white beeswax strips, lay the wick on top of the edge of the short end, centered so there is an equal amount of extra wick on both sides.”
  3. “Begin rolling the candle by curling the edge of the beeswax over the wick. Continue rolling the wax tightly using the palm of your hands with a even, firm but gentle pressure.”
  4. “Continue by attaching the additional white beeswax strips to where the one before left off. When all strips have been used, press the end firmly into the candle to secure in place. Tip: To create a beautiful and even candle, keep an eye on one end of the candle, and roll the beeswax flushed to that end.”
  5. “Examine both ends and choose the better looking one for the top. On the other side, thread the extra wick through the wick tab, stem side in and facing the candle. Using the pliers, crimp the stem by pressing tightly with your pliers so that your wick is securely in the wick tab”
  6. “From the top side, pull the wick slowly through the whole candle so the wick tab comes against the bottom of the candle Tip: Be sure to follow step 6 slowly, pulling too hard or too fast will cause you to pull the wick straight out of the wick tab and through the candle.”
  7. “We are now ready for the stripes! Using the template below as a general guide, free handly cut the black beeswax with a scissor or craft knife on the cutting mat. The pieces with internal holes will need to be cut with a craft knife.” Zebra Candle Stripe Template
  8. “Pick the longest piece of stripe you have and attach it to your candle diagonally across the middle. Press gently to secure.”
  9. “You can now build around the first stripe.”
  10. “Continue to attach pieces of the zebra strips one by one, leaving approximately ¼” to ½” space between each piece. Touching one end of a stripe with another also creates a desirable effect. Using the craft knife, cut off any excess black beeswax that protrude past the top or bottom edges.”
  11. “Trim The wick to 1/4″, light  and enjoy!”


Mason Jar Beeswax Candles

bw mason jar

Instructions on how to make these are found at “Instructions:  Make some soy & beeswax jar candles in wide mouth 250ml / half pint jars like these.  Fill jars so that they are only 3/4 full (note: they are too full in the photo shown) as this will allow you to have space for the beeswax flower and also be able to screw the lid on the jar for wrapping / shipping.”


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