Interior Design: Center Pieces

Interior Design: Center Pieces

Maybe you are interesting in finding a centerpiece for your kitchen and dinning tables at home, or maybe you are looking to throw a party and want to dazzle everyone with a great centerpiece! Either way here are a couple ideas to wowing your guests! Remember it does not have to be expensive or extravagant to wow your guests! Sometimes the simpler the better! Less is more!

Simple and Elegant

This is a simple and elegant method to achieving a centerpiece! This could easily be for a special event or just at your dinning room table!  Items you will need: clear vases, varying in height, stones, floating candles and real or fake flowers. Instructions: Place stones at bottom of vases, put flower on top of stones, then poor the water in, add the floating candles and you are on your way to setting a simple and elegant mood with your centerpiece!

regular centerpieces             water          www.

Unique and Beautiful

This is a very unique and yet very creative and beautiful way to obtaining a great centerpiece. Items you will need: flowers of your choosing. I recommend using fake flowers, so you can have these center pieces up as long as you like. Also, when you are ready to get rid of this centerpiece in the future, the fake flowers can serve as a decorative accent to any gift or glue it on a hair clip and you have created a new hair pin. You will also need a few glasses, varying in height and sizes, to add depth to the overall look. Place on a charger, sliver, gold or maybe with a pattern, depending on your theme.  Through candles around the perimeter of the charger and you have created a unique, yet beautiful centerpiece that will dazzle all your guests!

flower in glass

Mason Jars

Mason jars are used for more than storage for your grandmother’s jam these days. You will find them in weddings, used to hold gifts, cookie dough ingredients, and the list goes on! They can  also be used to transform a boring space into a sea full of light! Items you will need: candles of all variety in sizes, mason jars in a variety of sizes, sand. Place sand in the bottom of the jars, add our candles and light. It’s so simple, but the beautiful glow from the candles is incredible. If you want to continue the country theme from the mason jars into your table decor’, consider using a burlap material as a table runner. Place a table cloth in the color of your choosing underneath. However if you want to keep it simple and classic, place a neutral color table cloth underneath the candles. Your guests will love this look and will wonder why they didn’t think of it!

candles in manson jars             mj         


We have discussed a few different centerpiece options for you. Each one of these options is not only beautiful and can be transformed for a special event or your everyday dinning area, but each concept is affordable!

Suggestions: visit: to purchase the items above and start wowing your guests today!


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