Fashion/Hair/Makeup: How to Organize your Closet!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: How to Organize your Closet!

Do you have a messy closet and you are not sure what will make it functional for you? I’m sure we can all admit, that we are all a little guilty of this at some point of being owners to a messy closet!

messy closet           messy shoes        

According to,, There are 10 tips you can organize your closet!

10 Tips to organizing your closet

“Tip 1: Clear it out. Distinguish clothing and shoes that you wear and items that you need to get rid of.”

“Tip 2: If the shoe fits. If you are keeping your shoe boxes, label what is inside.”

“Tip 3: Measure up. Once you have whittled down your wardrobe, you need to assess the layout of your closet.”

“Tip 4: Get hung up. Invest in the right kind of hanger for the type of clothing you are hanging.”

“Tip 5: No sweat. Sort sweaters, T-shirts, and other folded clothing by color as well.”

color coding             color wheel                                        

“Tip 6: Eyes have it. Keep items you use frequently at eye level or below and items you rarely use higher up. Labeled boxes are good for storing things like bathing suits or turtlenecks because you can rotate them higher or lower in your closet depending on the season.”

“Tip 7: Seasonal change. It’s possible that no matter how much you try to edit and organize, you just have too much stuff to fit in your closet.”

“Tip 8: Linen closets. Store folded sets of bed linens inside one of the set’s pillowcases.”

“Tip 9: Storing table linens. Always clean and iron table linens after use. Tablecloths are best stored hanging from a pant or skirt hanger in your closet.”

“Tip 10: China and crystal.You don’t have to take up precious kitchen cabinet space to store your crystal and china unless you use both frequently.”

clean closet clothing            clean shoes closet                 

I hope you find the 10 tips helpful in cleaning up your closet!

Suggestions: to find great tools to construct your organized closet, visit,


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