Weddings:2013 Spring/Summer Bridesmaids Dress Trends

Weddings: 2013 Spring/Summer Bridesmaids Dress Trends

Illusion Necklines

Illusion Necklines for bridesmaids are all the rage right now! A soft and elegant look, it moves your eye down into a mesh material guiding your eyes through out the rest of the lines and curves of the dress. It is beautiful and classy and it is on trend this season!

bridesmaids      DAVID'S BRIDAL FW12 NEW YORK 04/11/12                              sheerbrides                                                                                                    


Peplum dresses can be found through out fashion in general this season for women. However, it is quickly making it’s way into the bridal world as well! You will find the Peplum dress fashioned for bridesmaids this season to make your bridesmaids looking fabulously trendy!

Peplums bridal           poplum                                       www.


Lace is a fabric that has been in and out of trends in different areas of fashion for ages. This season, you will find lace making it’s way into bridesmaid’s dresses! It sets the stage for a very glamorous and sophisticated event, with a splash of sexy! However, depending on the dress you choose for your ladies, it doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be too sexy! Remember you are still the bride and you must stand out the most!

lacebridal    laccy       lacyy                    


I hope you have enjoyed a little bit of 2013 Spring/Summer Bridesmaids Dress Trends!


To find dresses for your bridesmaids you can look at:


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