Interior Design: How to Organize your Book Shelves

Interior Design: How to Organize your Book Shelves

Maybe you have gone to someone’s house and observed their book shelves and thought, why don’t mine look like that?

They may of had organized book shelves, coupled with great accent pieces that made their shelving units look like art rather than some type of dysfunction. I will walk you through how to organize your book shelves to function and art, so your the one people become envious of!

messy bookshelves                 messsy bookshelving                                                      http://www.

According to, Better Homes and Gardens, they offer several savvy tips on how to get your bookshelves looking fabulous!

Let’s Get to it!

“Keep It Simple”

“To style a bookcase to perfection, resist the urge to pack in accessories on every shelf. Keep a clean look by choosing a one-color or tone-on-tone scheme for vases and figurines, and make sure to mix up shapes.”

“Everything Fits”

“To add interest to your book collection, alternate stacking books horizontally and vertically. Bold-color picture frames make great bookends and help photographs stand out on shelves.”

“Less Is More”

“Mod shelves call for a sparse look, so group together a small set of books that are all of fairly uniform size. Accessorize with streamlined vases, leaving lots of open space on shelves to let the accessories shine through.”

“Color Smart”

“Carry your color scheme onto your bookshelf to give the room a sense of unity. Here, accent accessories on the shelves match the light blue wall color. Storage boxes conceal items such as toys and movies that you may not want out in the open.”


I hope you were able to gain some insight on how to turn that sad, cluttered book shelf, into a trendy, hot  and organized piece of art!

organized bookshelf                   bookshelve good


If you need a couple accent pieces to make your book shelves look amazing, here are a few helpful places to go:,,


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