Fashion/Hair/Makeup: What’s Hot for 2013 Spring Clothing?

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: What’s Hot for 2013 Spring Clothing?

There is so much to choose from this season in what’s hot for 2013 Spring Clothing! I have chosen two picks that are easy to achieve on a budget!

Belted Floral Dresses

This delicate and youthful look is hitting the runways this season! Sweet patterns of floral, in many colorways are found to be belted to add a wast to this busy and delicate pattern. If you are shorter and want to pull this look off, note that belts often make you look a little shorter. However, if you pair a nice tall heal in combination with this look, you too can pull it off!

flower dresss  dress

reg dress beltedtwin dress 

Soft Collarless Blouses

Sweet and delicate collarless blouses are all the rage this Spring Season! You will find this look on the runways and in all the stores! It’s out with the stiff necked collared shirt and in with the new and lightweight, collarless blouse! You will find this blouse can match with any skirt, pants, skinny jeans, vintage jeans, etc… It’s the new and hip way of the skirt!

blouse    collarlessblouses                 

Get these looks for less

Many second hand shops, garage sales, and most importantly online stores have tons to offer to make this look cost less for you!



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