Wedding:Bridal Flower Power:)

Wedding: Bridal Flower Power:)

It’s not always easy to make a decision when it comes to your wedding. And for some of you, you may need a little help deciding on flowers! I thought I would be a contributor to a little inspiration for you lovely brides who are in need of a little bridal flower power help:)

Bridal Bouquets


imagesflowers  flowersbridal  imagespeacockwedding                       

imagespcock     green flowers                 

imagesdifferent flowersyellow flowers         thte knot flowers            

purple  purpleand whiteyellow                                                   

diamondflowers     white        black white flowers                                            

green and red   red modern                                         


I realize this particular blog is not content driven. But I thought it best to allow for the beauty in the pictures to speak for them selves. Hopefully you will find some inspiration from any of these combinations and have a little  bridal flower power:)

Happy Wedding!


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