Fashion/Hair/Makeup: 2013 Spring/Summer Bracelet Trends

Fashion/Hair/Makeup:2013 Spring/Summer Bracelet Trends


Bracelets can be your best friend! They can serve to perk up that little black dress, or add the perfect additional sparkle your already beautiful dress needed! So what’s hot with some Designers for this Spring/Summer 2013 in bracelets?

Lele Sadoughi Spring/Summer 2013 Collection


Above images from,

Lele Sadoughi has done a wonderful job, of creating an innovative approach to bracelets this season. These unique bracelets incorporate the popular color blocking trend that you will find in many clothing pieces this season. Each bracelet has a beautiful set of beads or stones, in vibrant colors, to achieve an overall concept of beauty! You can pair any of Lele Sadoughi’s collection items with your favorite dress, jeans and a t-shirt, or your dress top and pants to the office.

According to,, “Lele Sadoughi created the successful J.Crew jewelry collection for about five years..””She is now the Director of Design for Jewelry at Tory Burch, and has decided to finally launch her own eponymous jewelry collection – Lele Sadoughi Designs!” “The Lele Sadoughi collection is focused on creating a world of modern costume jewelry”

To find more of Lele Sadougi Designs, visit,


Amen,2013 Spring/Summer “Metal and gros-grain bracelet”


Above image from,

Amen has done such a beautiful and detailed job on the design of this above bracelet! This is one of the many bracelets for this 2013 Spring/Summer Season, and it is all about the gold and ribbon! The beautiful gold chain design has a light pink and white ribbon interwoven through out the bracelet, leaving it beautiful enough to wear with anything.

According to,,”Amen, launched in 2003 by Jato, quickly became a reference through a unique mix of creativity and exquisite craftsmanship. Amen Spring/Summer 2013 bracelet in gilded metal intertwined with bi-colored gros-grain ribbon in white and powder color.”

You can find these bracelets and more of Amen’s collections,


Have fun finding a new bracelet look for yourself! Sparkle up your outfit and enjoy!


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