Interior Design: Picture Frames!

Interior Design: Picture Frames!

Are you looking at your walls in your space and thinking they are empty and dull? Try perking your walls up with picture frames and some accent pieces! According to Celeste Stewart,, “A blank wall is like a canvas of sorts, perfect for arranging pictures and creating a masterpiece…”

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Frames and Integrating Accent Pieces into your look

Placing picture frames on your wall is not something you can just throw up on the wall and call it a day. You need to be in charge of the overall pattern, rhythm and design of the concept you are intending to display. According to Celeste Stewart,,”Wall décor is more than simply nailing a photograph to the wall. You can use a variety of materials to create visual wall displays including pictures, paintings, posters, blankets, plates, metal work, swords, and other items.”

Let’s get started

First decide what your room is already displaying for your theme. Once you understand that, you can move on to gathering frames and accent pieces. Let’s say for example, you have a very neutral room, with white walls and furniture, along with light hard wood flooring. You have dark end tables in the room to add depth to the overall room. Your theme can be taken in many directions, however you decide to choose a modern theme.

Do your research! Go online, look in interior design magazines, and watch TV SHOWS on different frame concepts. This will inspire you and guide you in the right direction for your room concept.

Now that you have your theme, and overall design concept established, let’s  now move on to frame and accent piece gathering. Remember, you can find frames and any unique accent piece at any second hand shop or garage sale for as little as .50 cents. After you gather all your frames, and accent pieces it is time to make your concept come to life!

Let’s go back to the example of a white room, with light hard wood flooring, and dark end tables. We have chosen our room theme to be modern, because that fits our existing furniture. Maybe choose frames that are black and white in color, with black and white photos of you and your loved ones, or some cool photography pictures you found. The accent pieces you can go with could be: giant letters, in dark colors, to match your end tables, small shelving units, with a series of  vases in an accent color of your choosing, and a small piece of artwork, also with in your chosen accent colors.


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I believe the arrangement of your concept can be thought of like a puzzle. However in this case you are the designer and can place your puzzle together however you like. It is very important to remember the key to any puzzle is balance and rhythm. Otherwise you and others will look at your concept and wonder what is missing or think something is off.  I would recommend first laying out all the frames and accent pieces on the floor prior to implementing on the wall. First place all the large and heavy items through out your concept. Then add the smaller items. Stand back and look if you need any adjustments made and do so. When you like what you have created, it’s time to hang it up!

Enjoy creating your wall concept with frames and accent pieces to perk up your dull walls! It is fun, easy and affordable!


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