Interior Design: Accent Pieces!

Interior Design: Accent Pieces!

Do you have  neutral  space and you are wanting to change it up a bit and add some great color? You can easily do this, with out hurting your bank account, through colorful accent pieces!

According to,, Guide, “A room without color is like a person without clothes. Color is absolutely necessary to make a room appear presentable and finished, yet for a beginning decorator, it is one of the most feared additions in any space.”

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How to pick the right colors for you?

According to, , Guide, “A great place for color inspiration is your closet. We are naturally drawn toward colors in clothing that enhance our coloring and personality, and these colors in your room will act the same way. After all, your home should reflect you!”

Room Theme

Now that you have established what colors you feel are right for your space, it’s time to  establish the theme you want? Work with what your space is already doing for you. For example, if you have  your space with all gray walls and want to have colors of pink as your accent. You then need to establish what theme you want your space to be.  Your theme can be established through the type of furniture you already have in the space or through out your house. If you have traditional furniture, you would not want to bring in a trendy pink couch.

“It is just as disastrous to have the wrong accessories in your room as it is to wear sport shoes with an evening dress.”

-Dorothy Draper

Rather you would want to find a traditional couch, curtains, etc.. to decorate your space. It’s important to go with what you have already established in your space or house as your theme, to remain consistent.

Chaise_baroque_bleue_outremer                  Kelly-Green-Luce-Madeline-Weinrib

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How do I pick Accent pieces?

After you know your theme, find your accent items? So how do you know what items to get for your space and how do you start? Look around, take every item that is not neutral out of your space. Get rid of random things that do not serve any particular design/color purpose. Now it’s time to have fun! Look around, see what you are missing. Let’s say for example, you  have an entire empty guest room, with gray walls. Your house theme is very modern. You are wanting to fill the empty space with colors of pink. Go to your local paint/hardware store and find pant chips. Locate the pink chips and find three colors, varying in shades of pink. You have now established your exact color scheme to match your color theme. Research online, the type of items you want to get to fill your space. Print off pictures and go to garage sales, TJMax, Marshall’s, any discount store and find your accent pieces. It is not likely you will find the exact match, but you will get the idea of what type of accent pieces you want.

Your Room is Ready!

You have bought all your items, and have not spent much money on revamping your room. With a little research and guidance you now have done it your self! Your space is full of color that fits your style and the theme of your house!

Have fun with your space! Remember color is very important and can be affordable with great accent pieces! Do your research,learn your color style and theme, find your accent pieces and enjoy the result!

But what is of great importance to me is observation of the movement of colors.
Robert Delaunay


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