2013 Spring/Summer Fashion Concepts-Color Blocking

2013 Spring/Summer Fashion:Color Blocking

Color blocking is all the rage in the world of fashion for 2013 Spring/ Summer Trends! You will find it everywhere, from magazines to high end stores/boutiques as well as bargain stores this season. It is a fun and easy to wear and does not require much effort! According to, http://www.realsimple.com, “The liveliest current trend, color blocking (pairings of high-contrast shades) looks like modern art, but you don’t have to be a creative genius to pull it off.”


Above image from, http://www.stylisheve.com

This latest fashion concept forms, bold and smooth lines in its design. You will often find a color combination of both bold colors paired with a few neutral colors to assist in driving the overall bold and fierce statement for color blocking home. You will find Color Blocking items at, but not limited to: Kohl’s, Ty max, Nordstroms, Marshall’s.

If you are wondering, What do I dare pair with this bold statement?  If it is a dress you are looking to  find shoes and accessories for, then try a bold heal, either a tall thin heal or a high chunky platform. You want to make sure you match the bold statement of the dress, however do not override it’s already existing power. For jewelery, I would suggest wearing a bold thick bracelet from the dress’s color theme, and a pair of hoop earrings from the color theme of the dress as well. Having hoop earrings with diamonds on them, would also be recommended. Adding something small like diamond hoop earrings would add dimension and variety to the style of the overall concept. If you are wearing a jacket, skirt, top, you can apply the same concepts of pairing.


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