2013 Spring/ Summer Wedding’s

2013 Spring/Summer:Weddings

So if you are reading this, you are getting married!!! Congratulations! Your brain is likely racing hard on the giant list of things you have to do! Take a breath, step back and let’s take a look at dresses for this 2013 Spring/ Summer Season!

Let’s take a look into what is hitting the Runways with Vera Wang this season!


Above image on the left from,www.fashioncherry.com

Above image in both middle and right from, http://www.fashioncraz.com

All three dresses are just some of many that Vera Wang has put in this season collection for brides! The important thing to ask yourself when you make a decision with your dress, is, “Is this me?” and “Does this fit my venue?” According to, the hit TV SHOW, SAY YES TO THE DRESS, Many experts suggest to their brides, “that it is about you looking and feeling beautiful and the best version of yourself. Being true to yourself and what you like and what looks best for you. Too many opinions can often make it hard for a bride to decide on what she really likes and what looks the best on her. But it is must be her decision at the end of the day. You get one special day for you, be you! Also, if you are having a smaller, more casual venue, having a smaller but fancy dress may be the most appropriate option. Your dress should match you and your wedding.”

My suggestion  is to first understand the theme of your wedding, once you have established this, then let’s do some research! Hit online, magazines, and watch some wedding shows and view what you like and what you do not. Narrow down what you would like to three options. Have images of the three options you do like, and then make an appointment with three friends, who are respectful to you and your style. This will assist you in the decision making process!

Good luck and may you find your best fit for your best self!


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