Fashion/Hair/Makeup: How to color block your outfit.

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: How to color block your outfit.

Color blocking is all the rage this 2013 Spring/ Summer Season. You will find designers are placing blocks of colors together in one dress, top, skirt, etc. Let’s say you want to venture out and color block your outfit on your own! We will discuss color 101 and how to achieve color blocking in your outfits for this season’s latest trend!

color blocking

Color 101

color wheel

Before we discuss outfit color blocking, let’s discuss the color wheel. The color wheel is made up of three colors: RED/BLUE/YELLOW. It is during the mixture of this colors in different proportions that you gain, the remainder colors: orange, purple, green, pink. The colors: orange, yellow, red are warm colors. The colors: blue, purple, green are cool colors. In the Interior Design world, each of these colors has a different emotional feel. Designers will use cool  colors to invoke a calm and relaxing feel to a space, and others will use warm colors to create a room that gives the feeling of high energy. In the business world, you will often find companies will utilize the colors RED/ORANGE in their marketing strategies, to create a sense of urgency to purchase. Contrasting color combinations are formed when you take two separate colors from the opposing sides of the color wheel and place them next to each other. For example you can do: Orange and Blue, Red and Green, or Yellow and Purple. Let’s dig into the fashion world now and learn some great combinations for color blocking your outfit!

Color Blocked Outfits

Orange and Blue


Pops of blue against the bright orange background create a perfect color block out fit! Orange and blue are two opposing colors from the color wheel, which create a great feel of contrast and depth in the overall outfit concept. Notice the model’s outfit displays balance and rhythm as well, through having both a belt and necklace.

Red and Green

red n green

I love the deep red combined with the light green skirt and topped off with a great pair of patten leather shoes! Red and green are opposing colors on the color wheel. In this particular combination, you see there is a bright red and a light sage green color. Do not be afraid to explore other shades of the opposing colors! It does not just have to be bright green and bright red, feel free to do different shades of the colors. Just make sure they are opposing colors.

Yellow and Purple


Megan Fox demonstrates a great color blocking outfit! The beautiful purple is combined with a bright pop of yellow to complete the look. Yellow and purple are opposing colors on the color wheel and when placed in an outfit, create depth and dimension.


We have discussed that color blocking this 2013 Spring/Summer Season does not have to be already made for you in a dress, skirt, top by the designer. Be your own designer and create a color blocked outfit today!


Weddings: How to be a great Maid of Honor!

Weddings: How to be a great Maid of Honor!

Okay, so besides the bride, being a maid of honor is a heavy load to bear. She is your best friend and you do not want to let her down. So how do you make sure that she has a great wedding planning, per-celebration process and fantastic wedding day? Although it is not all up to you to determine her happiness, it is your responsibility to help her be happy and have fun!

moh                     IMG_7345 Finkstudios

Guidelines for Maid of Honors


1.) Check on the bride maybe once a week to see where they are in their planning. If she is not independent in the planning process, ask her what responsibility that you can be in charge of. If she gives you too many, hire a friend or two to help complete the tasks. Never say, oh wow that’s too much!  Because in comparison to all the bride has to do, it’s really not what she needs to hear and it’s just not appropriate. Now if she goes bridezilla on you, then it’s time for a nice chat with a cocktail to explain you are her maid of honor, not maid:)


2.) Plan a wedding friend shower for her. Coordinate all her bridesmaids together and plan a fun, shower where she can relax and have a great time. Always plan the theme of any event you do pre-wedding around the bride’s wedding theme. Otherwise, it’s just tacky and odd. If the bride picks, hot pink and zebra patterns for her theme, then make it fun and work with it!

3.) Plan the Bachelorette party! Oh this is my favorite part to plan and to attend! This is where the bride will be able to feel most like herself. Think of her first. If she is a quite girl, who is more of an introvert and prefers reading books on the weekends than partying in the clubs, than going out to the clubs is a giant, NO! Get inside her head, understand what would she do for fun! If she’s more introverted than plan a beautiful dinner/desert party out with all her girls. Either way, make sure you make it about her and what she wants. For the theme of the party, you can feel free to go in a different direction than her wedding theme.Bachelorette parties are an animal all of their own, so make the theme fun and sassy, to fit her!


4.) Construct Sentimental Gifts. The bride is likely full of stress and emotion during this planning process. But a lot of that emotion is because she cares so much about her hubby to be and wants the day to be very special. I great way to honor that emotion and honor her as your friend is through sentimental gifts. What does that mean? At the wedding shower you plan, present her with a  love letter, written from her hubby to be. This will bring her to tears and help her know how much her hubby loves her. Also get the bridesmaids together and construct a photo album of great times that the bride has had with each of her bridesmaids. Present it to her on her wedding day!


Week of Wedding

1.) Ensure the bride is ready to go. Ask her if there are any last minute details that need to be taken care of and take what you can from the list to relive her of stress. Sometimes, the week of the wedding can be insane for the bride. Maybe she has family coming in town that need to stay with her, etc.. Maybe offer your place as an additional option for some family to stay, in case of emergency.


2.) Something, borrowed and blue and new. Ensure the bride has all her little sentimental and traditional items for the wedding day. If she doesn’t, provide them for her. Something borrowed can be a hair clip you have. Something blue , can be a blue ribbon that she can place on her flower bouquet. Something new can be here wedding ring.


3.) 7 days of gifts.  Have one gift per day, for her to open, on the week of the wedding. This will make her week even more special. They do not have to be expensive, just thoughtful. Ideas: picture of her hubby to be and her in a special frame, decorative soap, shower gel, perfume, jewelery. She will appreciate your heart in this.


Day of Wedding

1.) Okay, one simple rule for the day of the wedding, be there for her. You do not have to wait on her hand and foot, but check up on her every once and while and see if she needs water, a snack. Anything at all. Just be there for her.

dkdkdii           IMG_7166-1Finkstudios


Being the maid of honor comes with a lot of responsibility. However, it is truly an honor to be that women in her life. Do it with class and most importantly just be a good friend to her!

Interior Design: Chandeliers

Interior Design: Chandeliers

There are so many different types of Chandeliers.  Are you  looking to place one in your kitchen, dinning room, living room, or bedroom?  Let’s walk through a a few Chandelier designs and learn a few decor’ tips to help you complete the look in your space.

Country French


I love this particular chandelier! The black iron twists around, forming beautiful designs. The accent of crystals shine and sparkle as the lights in the piece are on. This piece has so many directions to go in.


Location: Kitchen

Suggestions for Decoration of Space: I would recommend paring the Country French, black, iron Chandelier with this particular Kitchen look. I love the black and white checker board tile trim in this space, great depth to the room. But the white walls add a great open space feel. Adding the country french, chandelier in this space would be the icing on the cake!



Wine Glass


This is such a unique and functional piece. This is a simple iron base, that is covered in wine glasses, varying in sizes, adding depth to the overall concept.


Location: Kitchen/Dinning Room.

Suggestions for Decoration of Space: I would recommend, placing one wine glass chandelier on each side of the wine bottle/net hanging.  The wine bottles hanging in a net pop out perfectly in this white kitchen. How perfect! So simple, but so unique and functional.



Lotus Flower


Such a great piece! Not what you typically think of when you think Chandelier! This soft and delicate piece, displays elegance, and beauty!


Location: Children’s bedroom

Suggestions for Decoration of Space: I would recommend placing three directly above the bed. This will add a little puff and fluff to the room. I love the grey and pink combination that this room holds. The Pink, flower chandelier will be the perfect, delicate and beautiful touch!




I love each of these beautiful chandeliers. Each holds it’s own unique style and design.  We have walked through a couple pieces and how to place them in the appropriate space. Maybe it’s a bit of a unique approach on design for you, taking one piece and fashioning the entire room around it. But you  may discover a design concept for your space that you may never of thought of, if you didn’t approach the decor’ in this fashion. Try it and see what’s in store for your new look!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Let’s get down to the basics of makeup!

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: Let’s get down to the basics of makeup!


Okay, so it’s likely that we all wear at least a little makeup, agreed? Or maybe you are trying to learn how to wear it for the first time! Either way, let’s get down to the basics of foundation and blush for your makeup.


Skin Care/Foundation

Skin Care

Let me first say, that if you want to glow and have a great makeup, #1 rule: take care of your skin care first! If you have flaky, or oily skin, but have the right color and application of foundation, it will never look good. Your makeup is as good as your skin care! Find a great skin care system that works for you. Follow three great rules: cleans, tone, moisturize! And deep cleanse or exfoliate everyday! You can then say goodbye to the flaky and oily skin and hello to a healthy and beautiful model glow!

face skin care

Professional Suggestions: visit, for great product knowledge, or visit your nearest location for great customer support! The location in Brookfield, WI, is wonderful! They have their own hair salon, pedi/manis, brow bar and offer free facials and skin analysis! Visit or call now,



Are you wearing the right shade? Do the test. Pick three colors that are in your correct color undertones, ex: for pink, yellow, green undertones. Take 3 q-tips, place each color separately on your check, next to each other. Bring a friend and evaluate. What color works best for you.

mnmn foundation

Are you wearing the right formula? So to know this you need to know your skin type. Meaning, are you oily, dry, combination or normal, or a combo of a few? This will be established when you find your appropriate skin care program. Once you realize which skin type you have you not only know how to treat it with great skin care, but now you know what type of make up to use. For example: let’s take a combination skin type girl. Her skin care program, would have a combo. wash, toner, and moisturizer. For foundation she would need a makeup that would help to balance her oil and water levels to wear they should be through out the day. From the Merle Norman line, I would recommend the AQUA BALANCE foundation. Again do the foundation test and see which color works for you. Know that if you visit any of the locations, they will give you a complementary skin care and make up analysis. Now that you found the right foundation formula and color, let’s move on the the application and the finishing powder.

Application: I recommend using a foundation brush. When you do this, you will not only save $$$, because you will not use as much, but you will have a more even/professional look.

Finishing Powder: It’s important to always finish your foundation with a great finishing powder. Even if you are using mineral makeup. Reason being, that your foundation will last longer through out the day and you will have a more polished look!




There are hundreds and hundreds of shades  and types of different blush. Cream to powder and from neon to barley there. The question is are you really a neon, when you should be a barley there kind of girl? Okay, so let’s avoid being the clown at the party, literally, and get down to it.

mnb                          ljklj

Go to a professional makeup store and ask what shades would be great options for you. Try them on, preferably with your foundation on. You may find that you have been wearing the wrong blush all along, or that you can try something new and different! Be surprised at the total change it makes in your skin! You will glow and shine like a rock star!

Weddings: Flower Girls Dresses

Weddings: Flower Girls Dresses

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a flower girl dress for your wedding. Traditionally speaking, the flower girl wears a dress that is fashioned after your dress, and a junior bridesmaid will wear a dress that is fashioned after your bridesmaids. However, you will find in many hip and trendy weddings, that the traditional rules can be broken or adjusted a bit. Let’s take  a glance at a couple unique options for your flower girls (s)!

Solids and Stripes

flower girls dresses

These solid and stripe dresses bring a fresh approach to today’s flower girl look. Imagine your girl (s) wearing one of these looks in your wedding.

Red Flower

baby dress

This adorable baby girl dress is elegant, yet has an added dramatic approach through the red flower. The fresh movement of delicate design of the dress, makes it perfect for a wedding event.

Drama Tutu

diff girls dress

Who doesn’t love a good tutu? This particular one is a beautiful color combination, perfect for a champagne and blue themed wedding! It is all about the drama in the center! You can see a beautiful, over stated blue bow, and just underneath that, you will find a few flowers to complete the drama. If you want a little drama for your girls (s) this is for your wedding!


Again, when you choose your girl (s) dress(s), be true to your wedding style, theme, and color palette! All of the above styles are unique and fun approaches that can be easily integrated into many wedding concepts!

Interior Design: Beeswax Candles

Interior Design:  Beeswax Candles

beeswax      pokeadot candle bwax                                                 

Beeswax Candles

Black and White Zebra Candle

bw candle zebra      

Directions found at,



  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors/craft knife
  • Ruler
  • Pliers


  1. “Measure the short end of the white beeswax sheet and mark at the middle, dividing the 8” in half, repeat on the opposite end. Using the craft knife and ruler on the cutting mat, cut the beeswax sheet into two long strips, measuring 4” x 16” each. Repeat with the other sheet of white beeswax.”
  2. “Taking one of the white beeswax strips, lay the wick on top of the edge of the short end, centered so there is an equal amount of extra wick on both sides.”
  3. “Begin rolling the candle by curling the edge of the beeswax over the wick. Continue rolling the wax tightly using the palm of your hands with a even, firm but gentle pressure.”
  4. “Continue by attaching the additional white beeswax strips to where the one before left off. When all strips have been used, press the end firmly into the candle to secure in place. Tip: To create a beautiful and even candle, keep an eye on one end of the candle, and roll the beeswax flushed to that end.”
  5. “Examine both ends and choose the better looking one for the top. On the other side, thread the extra wick through the wick tab, stem side in and facing the candle. Using the pliers, crimp the stem by pressing tightly with your pliers so that your wick is securely in the wick tab”
  6. “From the top side, pull the wick slowly through the whole candle so the wick tab comes against the bottom of the candle Tip: Be sure to follow step 6 slowly, pulling too hard or too fast will cause you to pull the wick straight out of the wick tab and through the candle.”
  7. “We are now ready for the stripes! Using the template below as a general guide, free handly cut the black beeswax with a scissor or craft knife on the cutting mat. The pieces with internal holes will need to be cut with a craft knife.” Zebra Candle Stripe Template
  8. “Pick the longest piece of stripe you have and attach it to your candle diagonally across the middle. Press gently to secure.”
  9. “You can now build around the first stripe.”
  10. “Continue to attach pieces of the zebra strips one by one, leaving approximately ¼” to ½” space between each piece. Touching one end of a stripe with another also creates a desirable effect. Using the craft knife, cut off any excess black beeswax that protrude past the top or bottom edges.”
  11. “Trim The wick to 1/4″, light  and enjoy!”


Mason Jar Beeswax Candles

bw mason jar

Instructions on how to make these are found at “Instructions:  Make some soy & beeswax jar candles in wide mouth 250ml / half pint jars like these.  Fill jars so that they are only 3/4 full (note: they are too full in the photo shown) as this will allow you to have space for the beeswax flower and also be able to screw the lid on the jar for wrapping / shipping.”

Fashion/Hair/Makeup:What are you wearing today?

Fashion/Hair/Makeup: What are you wearing today?

I don’t know how many times us as women, say, “What am I wearing today?” You rip through your closet and say to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!” Maybe we are really saying, “We do not know what’s on trend and we need additional ideas of what we already have?” Or maybe we do need to empty our closets out, donate, and go shopping again for this new season! Here are a couple helpful tips when getting dressed today!

Work Looks

Floral, print shirt and leather skirt

outfit office

This particular look is right on trend for 2013 Spring! This delicate, sheer, floral print color shirt is paired with a black leather, pencil skirt. With this look you will look both on trend and professional for work. Place a pair of skinny nude heals with this look!

Black Checkered Dress

dress office look

This black and white checkered dress is  on  trend for Spring2013! The bold patterned is broken up by the bow-tie belt. If you are shorter, you will want to pair a tall heal with this dress, to compensate for the belt. Belts will break up an outfit, allowing for the individual wearing it to look a little shorter. You can pair this with a nice set of red pumps and a black blazer to make it office ready!

A Little Navy Dress

office day

This is a navy pencil dress, is coming up in 2013 Spring/Summer fashion trends! This particular dress is a classic dress with a bit of twist in the neckline and collar. This neckline and collar are what makes this dress a bit trendier than the classic, “little black dress” look. You can place a flower print suit jacket over this with a pair of killer heals to match!



V-Neck, halter Dress

night outfit

This particular dress was seen at the 2013 Golden Globes! Be bold and fierce with this v-neck, halter dress! The lower neckline is just enough to be classy and sexy, with out being too much! The bright orange color is bold and ready for going out on the town, with a night with your girls! Pair this dress with a pair of gold, sparkle shoes and clutch. Wear a pair of gold Chandler earrings and you are ready to go!

Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

wrap skirt

This particular outfit was seen in September 2012 during Milan Fashion week. This unique wrap skirt makes it so they eye is moving in many directions. A bold, black leather strip, imitates a belt for this skirt. You can see that the navy blue material is cleverly attached with a sliver zipper, as a smooth, black underlay peaks through. You can pair this skirt with a black, rounded neck, sleeveless top for going on with your girls! Put a pair of patterned, black pumps and clutch to add depth to this look.


night top and jeans

If you want to be a little more casual, but still fabulous for going out at night, try a jean/top/heal combo! For the top, it appears like a cute little top in front, but when you flip to the back you see designs made with sequins and sheer material. The jeggins are laced with diamond studs through out the legs and are more concentrated at the ankle of the pant. What to pair for shoes for this casual, yet sexy outfit? Pair them, with a gray, platform, pep-toe heal, decorated with a splash of diamonds. This shoe will match in color and style to go with the rest of your outfit! Find a grey and diamond purse to match. And some big diamond earrings to complete this look.


Wither you are in the office working, or ready for a night out with your girls, the above looks can serve as a great tips to you!