Red is my favorite color!

The bright and bold shade of RED is trending big time right now & works perfect for the holiday season!!

I am loving the rich, classic chic quality it can bring to anyone’s wardrobe with just a touch of lipstick, that perfect handbag or a great wool coat! Did you know that RED is a power color? Wear it or put it in your interior space and it gives you energy.  The color RED attracts attention. Many marketing and advertising companies utilize the color RED often to draw their existing and new customers in to their store or website. If you are looking to stand out, be bold, fierce and full of energy, then use this color in your outfit today!


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Thanksgiving Look book:2017

It’s TURKEY week! Are you ready?

Sometimes the start of the holiday season can be more work then fun. Buying the turkey, figuring out how to make the turkey without poisoning your family and friends. Then there are all the side dishes, making your home and table look “Martha Stewart” ready, getting your kids, you and your husband looking half way descent as one baby is eating the dog food and another is playing in the toilet! The last thing you need to worry about is figuring out what to wear yourself. And you think, “Maybe it would be easier to just throw on some jeans and sweater and call it a day!” Instead of throwing the towel in on your outfit, SHOP our TURKEY DAY LOOK BOOK below! We have you covered head to toe in three separate great looks that are perfect for your day whatever it may be!

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Staying Comfy Chic

Although yoga pants are comfortable, their best role is for yoga not going out to dinner! So how do you look good, feel good and feel comfortable? This can be a challenge.

Number one rule, know your style. If you are not a fancy Nancy, don’t be. Embrace the casual look! Find fun colors and fabric textures that are made of cotton, soft and less structured to be more of a relaxed fit. Make sure you know what colors look best on you. Yellow is not my friend. But maybe it is the perfect complement to your skin tone! I think one of my favorite wardrobe staples would be a mid-length, cotton, loose fitted, long sleeve dress. This type of dress you can literally dress up to the nines and dress down to the soccer games. Which look is the best fit for you?

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