We took another sneak peak into our Fashion Stylist’s wardrobe and found some goodies. She just returned from a shopping trip for a client and had to show these items off. All of these pieces are such great elements to have as a part of your collection too.



This particular piece  is literally such an art piece. I love how your eye wonders around for such a long time finding great angles and shapes. That is such a great example of true art. This piece is perfect for anything you might have in your closet right now. That special occasion dress, that business suit, that weekend over-sized sweater, dark denims and knee high boots.



Michael Kors you have done it again. We are loving the simplicity in design and yet the great elegance it brings. Perfect to wear to work, with a great jacket over it and maybe a few simple bangles and diamond earrings.  This dress really does most of the work for you.



Great pop of style here! We love all the drama these shoes can bring to any outfit. Great pop of color to any outfit. I really love it with a black dress and a black sweater and some fun jewelry. Let these shoes stand alone, and face forward to your day ahead. I would love a pop of red lip to finish this look off.


A new season calls for new makeup, new wardrobe and new hair. Maybe you are thinking you want to try something new this season? Check out three of our favorite hair color trends for this season and see which one fits you best as you fall fashion forward.


We're going to give the try-hard ombré trend from a few years back the benefit of the doubt and assume it meant to look more like January Jones' cool, casual, multi-tonal color, but lost the plot somewhere along the way. Good news is, this is way easier—add lowlights to the roots and subtle highlights to the ends or just start spacing out your touch-up appointments and embracing regrowth.

So, you don’t have a lot of time or money in the bank to get those needed hair touch ups? That’s okay, because a little outgrowth goes a long way. It is actually trending right now to go a little more natural with your color. I am not suggesting to go too far with this. But it is okay to let it grow out just a little more than what you are used to.


Hair looks polished and even—but still full of dimension—when it has tons of thin highlights in the subtlest shade level brighter weaved throughout. Olivia Palermo serves as the ultimate reference to take to your stylist.

Another really great hair color trend this Fall 15 season is a well polished and even highlights. The applications of several small highlights in a variety of shade levels creates a really great dimension and a fuller look. This look is really natural, but creates a great amount of depth to the overall color.


The portmanteau color of summer's midpoint isn't going anywhere come fall. Cara Delevingne blends light brown with caramel and buttery shades in such a way that it'd be impossible to take a hard stance in the brunette versus blonde debate.

Okay, the term in the hair world of, “bronde”, seems to be trending pretty heave right now. So what is, “bronde” anyways? It is literally the combination of both blonde and brown. Meaning that your stylist will be taking lighter browns, with some caramels, buttery shades in a combination that makes it hard to distinguish between blonde and brown. It’s a little bit of a mind game,, but overall a really fun and fresh trend.


What’s in your jewelry box this season?  Are you ready for a little dazzle to your everyday basics? We found just the perfect items to create the perfect extra piece just for you. You will be amazed how you can change your look from everyday cute to all day fabulous by just adding that one extra piece? Will you take your outfit in a different direction today?



You don’t have to be fancy to wear this beautiful piece. You can literally wear this bracelet with anything and absolutely anything. I love how the designers in the above photo paired this gold bracelet with a thicker, sweater material dress. The sweater material’s texture is drawn out further when paired with the gold bracelet. This bracelet does so much for an outfit so quickly. This look is absolutely perfect for that career girl on the go. Of course you can pair it with several other fashion apparel options as well. However I really love the textured sweater material with the gold bracelet. What a perfect combo!



Nothing says, “Let’s do this day!”, better than these earrings! We are falling fully fashioned forward for these beauties. Grab a heaver look for a dress or top, these earrings need the proper support to stay on the right track. I love how the designer in the above photo has carefully and strategically placed the heavy-stated, bamboo, hoop earrings with this leather, robe/metal accented apparel. As you walk your own runway through out your day, a great way to glam up your day is to pair these earrings with a fur/leather jacket, some great straight legged pants and a strong pump to steady the load of this look.



If you have been a fan of the statement necklace, get ready to continue your obsession! This Fall 15’, that little statement necklace grew up to an over-sized big girl necklace. This piece is more than a little extra; it’s all the way, crazy fashion forward and ready to transform your wardrobe into something really amazing. I am all about throwing a really big piece of jewelry with a very basic, straight cut apparel item. However, I also really love how the designer brought out the different elements in the necklace through a great, well-designed fashion apparel item. Pops of color and design in the apparel piece are exaggerated all the more through this overstated flower necklace. If you are in a creative business environment, throw this on with a great solid colored dress, or even a fun pattern and throw that hair up, you are all set. No need to wear too much makeup with this, as this necklace does it all for you. Perfect on the go!


Hair trends this Fall 2015 are so easy to work into your everyday life. your busy life should not mean you don’t have great hair style. Find out how these 3 simple and easy hair trends are going to fit perfectly into your day.



The low pony tail is such a great way to put a trendy hair style together in less than 2 minutes. Incorporating a great hair accessories makes it so much fun and adds that extra piece you might need in your outfit that day. This hair look can be used in any outfit you are wearing. Going to the gym, business meeting, picking up the kids, off to a fashion show. This look is the perfect look for whatever your day may hold.



Be bold and bring a really great statement everywhere you go, with bangs. Bangs are the perfect everyday look to incorporate into anything your day throws at you. For that business meeting, throw that hair up and let those bangs shine threw. Pop a color on the lips and wear that slim fit suit with a few bangles and earrings and you’re all set. Going out to a special event, these bangs also are perfect for just that. Let your hair hang low and create a loose wave. Pair it with a great dress or jumpsuit, great pumps and a statement necklace. Whatever your life holds for you, these bangs will be carrying you through all the way bold and strong.



Love this hair style. You will fall in love this season with what a difference a few accents can make to your outfit. Throw a few ribbons, headbands, or even a necklace in your hair. Down or up, this look is free and fresh. We recommend this look  to be paired with a BOHO styled outfit. But you can also wear this to a special event as well. The more accents you put in your hair, the less makeup is needed.


Let’s walk down the runway together and review the latest and greatest shoe trends for this season! These great styles are a really fantastic approach to making your wardrobe Fall ready.


The main idea in color is that two are better than one, done up in subdued hues for a lesson in chic restraint. 
Pictured: Fendi

Color blocking is not secret and no surprise, as it is a consistent style with in the fashion industry for some time now. Pick out a great pair of denim jeans and pair your favorite fur coat with these beauties, and you are all set to wear this great booties.


Brunello Cucinelli

Okay, so it’s a common trend that we have seen for years and years that fur is a really great and wonderful part of Fall fashion. This Fall, Fur has gone to your feet. When this trend is designed correctly, it can actually be a very cool trend to wear in your everyday life. I love a pair of cropped black paints and maybe a textured jacket with it. You are showcasing many great Fall trends all in one outfit this way.


Emilio Pucci

Patch work is shown in both fashion apparel and shoes this Fall! And we just love this trend! This style allows you to be busy and still look great! All black, a few really great accessories and these beautiful booties, and you’re all set to start your day!


We pulled two of our favorite jackets to wear this Fall 2015 season from our Fashion stylist’s closet. We just adore the texture and color that each of these looks bring.



Love this jacket. This textured, tweed jacket is actually trending right now. This type o jacket was recently shown at Channel’s Fall 2015 Fashion show. They paired it with a white, dress shirt. I love having the white sleeves pop out of the sleeves of the jacket. It gives it such a full and fun look overall. I would pair this look with some boyfriend jeans and a few of your favorite pearls. So easy to style forward this Fall.



This is a great piece to add to your Fall 2015 wardrobe. Great with a black jumpsuit, dress or of course jeans. I love the contrast between the light denim and dark red and black. Such  great combination, especially for Fall. Because of the cut, texture and material, this particular piece does a lot for you, so add maybe a chain necklace and a few black necklaces to complete sort of a rocker-chic look. Love styling for Fall! So easy and so fun.


We did our research and found some really great makeup looks trending for Fall 2015! We found great ways to integrate these makeup trends into your wardrobe through out the Fall 2015 season!


Dolce & Gabbana


This trend is no surprise to us. We have seen that little red lip trending for a while. But according to,, it is rolling in bigger this season than before. Great shades of red are being shown, such as berries, oranges, burgundy and of course a deep red. I love to pop a little red  lip for that extra piece of color to an outfit. The red lip is not just for a nighttime event, bring it into your office day too. Black suit, great white collared shirt, a few gold pieces of jewelry and a quick pop of red on the lips. What an instant trend update! You’re ready to face your day right!




The cat eye has been trending for a little while. However Fall 2015 brings it in thicker and more artistic. This is a really fun look to pull off for the Fall season. It would be really pretty if you took your eye liner and filled it in, then came by with a pretty dark eye shadow and filled it in. This is almost the combination of both the smokey eye and cat eye look. We love how dramatic this look is. This one is perfect for a special event in your life. And what’s great about this look, is that you don’t have to do too much with your hair, as the dramatic cat eye really does it all for you. A quick up duo  and you’re all set to go.


Put aside your taupe sculpting powders and stock up on warm peach and rose blushes that make you look like you just went on a brisk, wintry walk (the look makeup artist Lynn Desnoyers went for at Kate Spade), spend your days gallivanting around the Wild West like the "pretty, urban cowgirls" at Ralph Lauren (left), or go by the name Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy (Michael Kors's inspiration).


Contouring, according to is so last season. Incoming hot trend, is that nude, natural, peach and rose look. Keep it clean, flirty and fresh, as you Fall into this season with a little less weight in your makeup bag. We love combinations of different blushes together. We recommend mixes a few colors together to give a great color, yet maintaining the great freshness and simplicity that this natural trend brings you. This look is perfect for that busy girl on the run 24/7. Throw on a great outfit, maybe even throw your hair up in a fun bun and you’re all set to go.