Chanel Fashion Show: Spring/Summer 2014(Paris)


I loved this fashion show! I believe Chanel is such an incredibly timeless part of our apparel society! And yet with this particular Spring/Summer 2014 collection, designer, Karl Lagerfield, truely creates the perfect marriage of both traditional and modern apparel design. This is not an easy thing to accomplish. It takes skill, vision and many hours to perfect this collection. However, that is just what the designer, Karl, did, he did create a collection that is truely perfect and innovative to Chanel.

Models present creations by German designer Karl Lagerfeld for French fashion house Chanel as part of his Spring/Summer 2014 women's ready-to-wear fashion show during Paris fashion week

In this particular collection, Karl Lagerfield, mixed the traditional fabric and design of the classic material and paired it with sparks of great trend. In many of his pieces, you will find the plaid design, however the fabric has fantastic trending color ways, and is mixing with different fabric types to create the traditional modern approach for this season’s Chanel collection. How divine!

The accessories are fabulous! Large scale pearls, simplicity placed on a strand to form a classic, and yet trendy approach to jewelry design. The bags were all sorts of classic Chanel bag to back back from Chanel.

The stage was arranged as if you were at an actual art gallery. Large scaled/life sized status and art work danced across the stage as the models glided down the aisle.




Attention Aspiring Models, Fashion college students!

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Attention Aspiring Models, Fashion college students!

fall 2013 makeup smoky eyee
If you are interested in building your modeling portfolio, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

We are interested in displaying our styling on you!

Please submit your contact information, along with a head shot, height, measurement.

We will be shooting end of April 2014.

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Bridal Fashion

Reem Acra, Spring 2014 Bridal Show

Showering love  to all with exceptionally beautiful bridal fashion. Elegance, grace,extravagance and classy design approaches were used to accomplish this particular line for Brides.

The theme was,” Thank you for your love”, as each model floated down the runway in chiffon, lace, crystals and miles and miles of tulle. Each dress inspiring, dramatic and a vivid expression of love. Many models held an umbrella with tulle cascading over it, as a series of tiny pedals accented  each and every inch of the vile. The designer chose  fluffy tulle, and sequins to pair as a dynamic duo,  chiffon and lace for a very stunning and classy look, and a very extravagant look was achieved through an all crystal top and chiffon body. Each design unique, in it’s own way, however had a common thread of beauty and grace.

Because the theme of this particular bridal fashion show was,” Thank you for your love”, each model had this phrasing written in white on their body or veil. There was something very artistic and poetic about this simple phrase. What a simple, yet vivid expression of the theme of the show and the theme of a wedding.

Graceful, elegant, extravagant and classy are just a few words to describe this particular bridal fashion line.



Reem Acra spring 2014 wedding dresses



Hor D’ Oeuvres

Easy Twiced Baked Mash Potatoe Bites

I love great hor d’ oeuvres! Every time I go out or go to a party I love to start out with a little something cute and simple to wet my appetite for the next course! Doing hor d’ oeuvres and drinks prior to the meal at a party I through is one of my party musts! I really think it adds a special quality to the event! It is very elegant, classy and interesting to have them at your event or party! Often at many weddings I have attended they will have beautiful, unique and fresh hor d’ oeuvres, matched perfectly with a great cocktail! What a perfect way to start an evening off right! I really love this particular recipe. I have served it many times to guests and always get a great review from others. It is a very simple approach toward hor d’ oeuvres, but it also serves as a very classy spin on how you serve potatoes . You can feel free to make these loaded as well, adding bacon, ham, onion. However for today’s recipe, I decided to keep it simple.


Dulce Bella Exclusive


1- Bag of potatoes

1 Tablespoon of olive oil

1 Tablespoon of butter

2 Teaspoons of salt

1 Tablespoon of black pepper

1 Container, cheese (depends on what you like)

1 Tablespoon of parsley to garnish

3-4 Tablespoon of pesto

1 Teaspoon of crunched garlic

1-2 Cups of milk

2 Bags of arugula


  1. Place entire bag of potatoes, cut in pieces into oven, 350 F degrees for 45-1hour, depending on your oven.
  2. Once fully baked, take out and let cool for 10 minutes.
  3. Place pieces of potatoes in a large bowl, mix in seasonings, cheese, butter and salt, after mashing the potatoes.
  4. Take an ice cream scooper and dip out potatoes.
  5. Place each amount into a pan, hot (med. heat), with olive oil and butter in the pan. (olive oil and butter combined will make sure the food will not burn.)
  6. Flip on other side after about  1 minute.
  7. Place each mini mashed potatoes on a serving tray. Place cheese  and pesto sauce over the arugula for a perfect presentation!
  8. You and your guests are going to love this! It is the perfect way to start the evening off right.


Fashion For Men

Versace’s Spring 2014 Fashion Show

Professional, youthful, edgy and strong are the Versace men. Not afraid to be bold and daring in their fashion apparel. Ready to face the world, looking professional, fresh and sheek.

Suits, leather , trench coats were some of the  styles that were hot at Versace’s Spring 2014 Fashion Show. Clean-cut, slim-fit suits were perfectly paired with white collared shirts and a neutral mid-width tie.  You can easily pair the suit jacket, shirt and tie with a pair of dark denim jeans and dress shoes and you have the perfect casual Friday look for the office. Leather jackets were paired with leather skinny pants to achieve an edgy, sheek look. Easy to place this jacket with vintage jeans and a collared shirt for a night out. Full-length trench coats were featured in the traditional khaki color way. This look is perfect for any casual or business casual environment.

Bold streaks of both colors and neutrals were painted on the models, and some of the clothing as well. This artistic approach, gave a playful, yet sophisticated feel to the overall theme of the show. Unexpected, but gave a remembering twist to the designer’s Spring 2014 line. It’s important to leave your mark on everything you do as a designer and for Versace, he certainly did for this show. How will Versace inspire you  this Spring 2014 season to leave your mark?





Attention Aspiring Models, Fashion college students!

Attention Aspiring Models, Fashion college students!

fall 2013 makeup smoky eyee
If you are interested in building your modeling portfolio, we have the perfect opportunity for you.

We are interested in displaying our styling on you!

Please submit your contact information, along with a head shot, height, measurement.

We will be shooting end of April 2014.

Official Link below:



2014 Brides

A new year and a new bride! Planning your wedding for 2014? There are some fantastic ideas for you this year!

Check out the things you’ll need from the dress to the cake to make 2014 the year of your wedding!

That Dress

2014 wedding trends for the year

Soft blush, flowers make this dress light, and fresh! Pairing it with a light and fluffy veil is the perfect way to complete this look for the 2014 bride! Find crystal large scale earrings, and blush/satin, open-toe shoes to style this beautiful bridal look! I am so in love with this beautiful look! Is this the dress for you?


hair 2014

That braid is showing up again this year! It was super hot last year, spring/ summer! Flowers and braids are one of the hottest hair trends for brides this year! Will this complete your look?

Color Theme

color themes for 2014

Pastels and simplicity is one of the hot trends this 2014 for weddings! Grab your lace, flowers, old vintage furniture, and bring everyone to the outdoors for your special day! Garden flowers, vintage place settings and custom made name tags is the must! I am just loving this concept as it is perfect for a spring wedding or summer wedding!



Punch out flower styled invitations, unveil the invitation of the year! This is what all your guests will see and love! This is the first impression of your wedding and an expression of you and your new husband! Will this be your first impression of your wedding day?



I’m loving this cake, clean, fresh and ready for your wedding! Clean, white base, with a pale blue transition of color at the top! The dynamic color scheme of fresh flowers and bright pop of flowers! this is your cake for your year!

Send Offs!

send offs

Send off you and your new husband in a grand way! Fireworks and an old fashion car are the perfect way that you can do it big for your send off!